Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

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Physician supervised available at BeautySmart, M.D.

Founder, Robert Posner, M.D. is a graduate of Downstate Medical School in New York and a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine since 1984. He has been in private practice in Burke, VA since 1988. Dr. Posner is passionate about helping patients lose weight and live healthier lifestyles.

1986: Teacher of the Year, Jackson Naval Hospital Family Practice Program

1986: One of three interviewees for position of Physician to President Reagan

1988: Navy Achievement Medal

2000: Awarded U.S. Patent for oral serotonin supplement for weight and mood enhancement, Author of “Doctor-I Have a Chemical Imbalance-The Serotonin Story”

2000-2014: Medical Director of the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program

Dr. Posner is one of the world’s leading researchers on direct oral serotonin supplementation and its effects on appetite suppression, carbohydrate cravings reduction and weight loss. Dr. Posner is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Serotonin-Plus offers individualized weight loss programs to fit every weight loss need. Whether you have 10 pounds or 150 pounds to lose we offer effective, safe and responsible weight loss to fit any budget. We tailor programs to you based upon your specific needs, capabilities and limitations. Our weight loss program has a very high success rate and patients are re-evaluated until optimal weight loss is achieved. Serotonin-Plus provides flexibility so that you can achieve your goal while maintaining your busy schedule.

The program’s foundation is built on behavioral and lifestyle modification with a medical “jumpstart”. The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program™ is medically supervised and consists of weekly visits with the medical staff depending upon the program chosen. Realistic weight loss is 20-50 pounds per each 12-week session. (Note: Individual weight loss results may vary from individual to individual.) Patients may attend more than one 12-week session to achieve their weight loss goals.

We feature the Serotonin Formula™, our unique patented oral serotonin supplement that acts as a natural appetite suppressant and significantly reduces carbohydrate cravings. When appropriate, we utilize an FDA approved prescription appetite suppressant to jumpstart the metabolism.

Serotonin is a natural body brain chemical. Serotonin imbalance has been implicated as contributing to increased carbohydrate cravings, binge eating, depression.

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*Results may vary from individual to individual

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