My name is Stacey and I am very excited to be able to share nothing less than a fantastic review for Beauty Smart MD, Boca Raton and it’s owner /operator Deana M. Clark.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with a very invasive skin cancer from just a little dot on my nose.

I began a run of reconstructive surgery that although was performed by an excellent surgeon, became the most ego-blasting experience of my life.

After plenty of skin grafting, cartilage taken from my ear and after about 10 different in and out patient surgeries to make it right I was left with a long scar across my face, an implant on the side of my nose and a darker pigmentation on my nostril. As well as my right side being pulled over and thus tighter than my left side.

This left me with a lot of discouragement and insecurity.

After all it was my FACE the first thing most people look at. I tried lots of remedies but nothing really worked. As my face grew into the disfigurement it became much better but there was still dark pigmentation and a heavy scar from my right ear to the corner of my mouth.

Meeting Deana Clark at Beauty Smart M.D. was one of the best things that happened in my life.

Immediately she accessed my treatment and protocol as I began sessions for my scar and pigmentation.

The pigmentation on my nostril went away in one treatment.

The scar became 100% better each of the 4 sessions she worked on it. Now is my last session as the scar is almost completely unrecognizable. No need to make up stories anymore, like I got in a bar-fight or something.

Now I feel prettier, more confident and relaxed about me. In addition to doing the Sublative Fractional Resurfacing for my scar, my skin has been enhanced by and eLos+ Photofacial, and an amazing Organic almond oil from Jamaica sold at BeautySmart, M.D.

I couldn’t have come this far without Deana Clark and Beauty Smart MD. I will continue different anti aging treatments with her on a maintenance basis and tell all that I know how being beautiful and smart changed my life.

Stacey K. LaMotte-Producer
Serenity Productions, Inc.
W. Palm Beach, Florida

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