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Here at Beauty Smart we take the logical approach to aging smarter and looking younger!

We believe if you feel good on the inside you will look better on the outside, we strive to treat each individual, individually by treating the whole person from the inside out.

The team of professionals here at BeautySmart will help you plan the best possible protocol to address your personal concerns whether it be a medical concern or a cosmetic concern.

We offer many modalities to combine and customize your individual needs.

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Loved it! – Taylor Samaha

Great service, great folks-thank you!!! – Michael Costa

Since I only saw Dr.Jakes, all was good. But what I saw of the Spa, except for getting parking, it is a smoothly run, personal, and professional care business. – Shirley Farnes

Frank was very good. Very pleasant to deal with. Good experience. – Sally Feingold

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I have my own appreciation and standards for quality in life, so when it comes to knowing what is included in elite service I fully understand what people enjoy and strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. I always do the work I would expect to receive if the position were reversed. Massage is my gift and passion. Being able to share it with others who appreciate and benefit from my abilities is the most rewarding way to invest my time. – Frank Delano, L.M.T.

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Beauty Smart Cosmetic Laser Center and Medical Spa in Boca Raton Earns Top Reviews

Laser Hair Removal Boca Raton Clinic

I had the hair removal and the IPL done and I am very happy with the results and recommending it to everybody. The friendly, comfortable atmosphere at the offices is like no other and Deana, I can’t thank you enough for all you done for me. I am so much happier with my self now. Thank you again for your compassion, support and care. – Eva Jones


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I love Deana. She’s the best. – Carlos Rojas

Fabulous! – Valerie Stanescu


How Does Photo Facial Rejuvenation Work?



Everyone is so friendly and has no problem answering any questions or concerns regarding their services. Also very knowledgeable. – Sarah Rickenbaker

Very professional sessions and a pleasure to do business with. Their hair removal procedures is wonderful and it actually works! – Barbara Windheim

Very very happy with the beauty smart medical spa. Deana is professional and excellent with her clients. The results of the velashape are amazing!! So happy I made the decision to go. Will continue to get more areas done. I guess I am addicted, did laser hair removal last year with Deana and love not shaving anymore. Very happy client… – Chris Samaha

Laser treatment worked well under my eyes. – Shana Simon


Total Tattoo and Pigmented Lesion Solution – Laser Tattoo Removal



I am very pleased with my results from the Elos photo-facial laser, as well as laser hair removal. – Christina Drucker


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Testimonials for BeautySmart Cosmetic Laser Center and Medical Spa in Boca Raton

Deana Clark Stone Massage


My daughter’s and I go to BeautySmart MD! The staff is wonderful and efficient and we have had great results with skin treatments and laser hair removal! We highly recommend BeautySmart MD! All the Best! – Maura

Recommended to Deana for laser hair removal, best money spent ever. So friendly and worth the money. Very professional. Beautiful new location in Boca. Comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend her and beauty smart 🙂 – Stephanie M.

The service I received from Beauty Smart was Outstanding and I would definitely tell Family/ friends about my awesome experience & Service!! – Michelle Avallone

Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Very comfortable place. – Annie Seibert

Your service is very friendly but yet highly professional. I also felt very confident in the treatment I was given. – Barbara Windheim

Laser hair removal – Deana was very knowledgeable about my skin type and had great recommendations. Looking forward to completing 8 treatments at BeautySmart, MD *Friendly and cozy environment! – Pharah Cenatus

Truly amazed with my results. I have and will continue to refer friends and family. Thank you Deana! – Kevin Kurlowski


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Thank You For All The Wonderful Comments! – BeautySmart, M.D. Reviews

I am very happy with the services. Thank you very much. – Su Sandy Aung

Deana keeps my skin looking amazing!!!! – Laura Balda

High level of trust based upon Deana’s experience and professionalism. – Michelle Deitsch

Always impeccable and thorough. – Karla Sordo

Deana is wonderful! Her professionalism is the best. Love love love BeautySmart. The fact that I no longer shave is beyond words. Will always be her client. – Chris Samaha

Deanna and her team are very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to all your needs. I highly recommend her place to anyone looking to enhance themselves. – Frank Celino

I must love everything from the service to the person in order for me to keep coming back and I keep coming back to BeautySmart. Love it Karina – Ana Karina

Professional service. Very pleased with the results. Well worth the time and money. – Vincent Berarducci

Friendly professional staff. – Kim Bordelon

Warm welcome every time, excellent service and professionalism. – Stephanie Sullivan



Beauty Smart MD Cosmetic Laser Center Medical Spa

Sublative Fractional Resurfacing for my Scar, my Skin has been Enhanced by eLos+ Photofacial, and an Amazing Organic Almond Oil from Jamaica at BeautySmart, M.D.

Sublative Fractional Resurfacing for my Scar, my Skin has been Enhanced by eLos+ Photofacial, and an Amazing Organic Almond Oil from Jamaica at BeautySmart, M.D.

My name is Stacey and I am very excited to be able to share nothing less than a fantastic review for Beauty Smart MD, Boca Raton and it’s owner /operator Deana M. Clark.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with a very invasive skin cancer from just a little dot on my nose.

I began a run of reconstructive surgery that although was performed by an excellent surgeon, became the most ego-blasting experience of my life.

After plenty of skin grafting, cartilage taken from my ear and after about 10 different in and out patient surgeries to make it right I was left with a long scar across my face, an implant on the side of my nose and a darker pigmentation on my nostril. As well as my right side being pulled over and thus tighter than my left side.

This left me with a lot of discouragement and insecurity.

After all it was my FACE the first thing most people look at. I tried lots of remedies but nothing really worked. As my face grew into the disfigurement it became much better but there was still dark pigmentation and a heavy scar from my right ear to the corner of my mouth.

Meeting Deana Clark at Beauty Smart M.D. was one of the best things that happened in my life.

Immediately she accessed my treatment and protocol as I began sessions for my scar and pigmentation.

The pigmentation on my nostril went away in one treatment.

The scar became 100% better each of the 4 sessions she worked on it. Now is my last session as the scar is almost completely unrecognizable. No need to make up stories anymore, like I got in a bar-fight or something.

Now I feel prettier, more confident and relaxed about me. In addition to doing the Sublative Fractional Resurfacing for my scar, my skin has been enhanced by and eLos+ Photofacial, and an amazing Organic almond oil from Jamaica sold at BeautySmart, M.D.

I couldn’t have come this far without Deana Clark and Beauty Smart MD. I will continue different anti aging treatments with her on a maintenance basis and tell all that I know how being beautiful and smart changed my life.

Stacey K. LaMotte-Producer
Serenity Productions, Inc.
W. Palm Beach, Florida

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