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How does IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for photo-rejuvenation work?
Photo-rejuvenation uses a multi frequency (NON-ablative) laser pulsed on top of the skin to change the molecular structure and the appearance of aging skin below the surface, giving it a tighter and younger look. Fine lines and wrinkles will fade, and pores will reduce up to 50% in size. Patients with facial veins should see immediate results the day of treatment. The veins are “shut down”, which means they will turn from red to gray, then slowly fade away. Sunspots will turn darker in color and they will begin to flake off in 10 to 14 days. Patients with rosacea or “red cheeks” should see results after the first treatment. The skin will start to regain its normal color, however you must complete your series of treatments, or it will return.

IPL (Photo Rejuvenation) Will Help:

  • Reduce fine lines
  • Reduce pore size
  • Remove sunspots (face, chest, neck, hands, etc…)
  • Reduce spider veins (legs, etc…)
  • Reduce skin redness/rose colored cheeks (rosacea)
  • Treats warts, condyloma, & keratosis
  • Remove facial veins (Telangiectasia)

Does it Hurt?
Most patients describe the treatment as the “snap” of a rubber band against the skin. Numbing agents are available upon request. Please contact your doctor/clinician at least 24 hours before your treatment time if you would like to use a numbing agent. Most patients are able to complete their procedure without any topical or oral pain medication.

What is the Recovery Time?
Since this is a non-ablative procedure, there is almost no recovery time. This procedure can be done over a lunch hour and the patient can go back to work. Patients should understand that there is the possibility of redness and swelling for up to 48 hours post treatment. When treating brown areas or sunspots patients need to be aware that the spots will get up to three shades darker and may take up to three weeks to fully disappear.

>How Many Treatments do I Need?
A minimum of three treatments are normally required to obtain optimal results. Sometimes up to five are required. Your doctor/clinician will be able to better evaluate how many treatments your will need during your consultation.

Will I See Results the First Day?
Yes. Although IPL results improve over time, patients experience a tightening of the skin immediately and will see sun damage, veins, and rosacea subsiding immediately.

Are There Any Side Effects?
Depending on the aggressiveness o treatment, some patients may experience light, light scabbing (flaking of damaged cells), blistering, and mild discomfort. All of these side effects will fade over time.

*Results may vary from individual to individual

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