Combined Radio Frequency/Ultrasound Skin Tightening, Body Contouring and Non-Invasive Internal and External Vaginal Rejuvenation Ultrasonic Cavitation for Spot Reduction

Exilis Body Contouring and Skin Tightening

Exilis Ultra 360 Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

BTL Exilis Ultra™ system represents the world’s most advanced RF and Ultrasound technology for shaping, tightening, cellulite reduction and facial rejuvenation


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Skin Tightening Skin Tightening

Reduce Cellulite Body Contouring

Body Shape Contouring BeautySmart MD Delray Beach Florida
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Body Sculpting With Ultrasonic Cavitation

Body Sculpting by Deana Ultrasonic cavitation is a non-invasive treatment which aids in the reduction of localized fat deposits. Using ultrasound waves, ultrasonic cavitation is ideal for people seeking fat removal from a specific area such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach or arms and a more contoured shape.

How does Ultrasound Fat Cavitation work?

Gel is first applied, then with a ultrasonic cavitation hand piece emitting low frequency ultrasound wave into the fat cell. The minute vibrations produce tiny bubbles within the fat cells, disturbing the outer membrane, in turn causing tiny collections of fat to be expelled into the surrounding area.

This ultrasound cavitation treatment does not interfere with adjacent structures such as blood vessels and nerves and therefore is completely safe, although for some clients there may be a little discomfort associated with the noise during the ultrasonic cavitation treatment.

Several cavitation treatments are required and this is dependent on the desired result and the location of the stubborn pockets of fat. We have very attractive packages to assist you with your treatments, some with payment terms. Prices for these packages vary based on your desired outcome and the number of areas you wish to treat.

*Results may vary from individual to individual


Pro-Nox Machine

Help relieve the pain and anxiety during any medical procedure!

The natural alternative that you control during any medical Procedure. Use the Pro-Nox System when you need it and still have the ability to drive yourself to and from your appointment.

You will feel the effect in seconds and it will offer you an immediate relief of pain and anxiety. You control how often to use it.

Ask that Pro-Nox be scheduled with your upcoming appointment!

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