Why Have a Licensed M.D. Supervise Your Weight Loss?

Stephen Silver, M.D. is a Florida licensed M.D. who has been assisting patients with weight loss for more than 20 years. First, he will diagnose and treat medical conditions that may be causing your weight problem. Your medical weight loss program will be personalized and your health will be closely monitored.

Being overweight is associated with many medical diseases.

Everyone should strive to attain optimal body weight.

1. Evaluation by a Licensed M.D.
2. Diet Journal
3. Nutrition Counseling
4. Lifestyle/ Behavior Modification
5. Exercise
6. Lipotropic Injections
7. Medication
8. Nutritional Supplements
9. Acupuncture
10. Maintenance

Look great. Feel great. Live longer.

YOU CAN change your life and achieve optimum health.

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