Essential Oils and Their Therapeutic Uses

Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils

Thursday February 19, 2015

Even though this is a class, it is FUN and you will leave HAPPY!!! Breathing the oils does that!!!!!!!!

We will pass over 30 oils for you to breathe and find out what incredible things they do for your body, mind and spirit!!!!

We will cover chakra info too!!!! Like how to keep your heart open!!! It is Valentine’s Month, you know!!!!


Aphrodisiacs!  Pain killers!  Cellulite Reducers! Appetite Suppressants! Anti Aging Blends!  Stress Busters! Anti-Depressant!  Energy Creators!

Come learn HOW they do all these things!
Ancient protocols. The immune parts of plants are used to make them.

ZERO SYNTHETICS. Get rid of any synthetic plug ins or sprays. Dangerous for lungs. Synthetics cause asthma and allergies.


We not only will have hand poured 100% organic/wildcrafted oils, but blends and sprays! 

LIGHT REFRESHMENTS made with essential oils!! Organic Tangerine Lemonade Sweetened with Local Raw Honey

Organic Mint Herbal Tea Chilled Nonsweetened

Organic Hummus with Lemon Kick

Organic Greek Yogurt Dip -3 flavors:

Dill,Thyme and Rosemary


Cinnamon and Orange

Non Gluten Rice Crackers and Organic Raw Veggies


Presented by Lisa Ruff (Certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist)
and Sarah Thompson (artist, creator of blends, hand pourer)
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94 S Federal Highway
Boca Raton, Fl 33432
RSVP 561-330-7579

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